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Make no mistake; this is not yet another resource of SEO tools loaded with affiliate marketing links and sponsored placements. It’s not your “ultimate” list of every possible SEO tool mentioned either.
Rather, “99 SEO Tools for 99 Cents” introduces “the most actionable SEO toolbox available to small businesses, startups and entrepreneurs.” (Jenny Halasz, Writer on Search Engine Land)
“99 SEO Tools for 99 Cents” is a great companion guide for those who read Matthew’s first book, ‘SEO Like I’m 5,’ and all the businesses who are smart to act on the strategies he recommended.” (Ivana Taylor, Book Editor at
Among many common SEO tools every website should use, you’ll also find the book chock full of under-the-hood resources and content optimization platforms that will take your online visibility to an entirely new level, including:
– Keyword research tools
– Website audit tools
– Link building tools
– Backlink analysis tools
– Competitive analysis tools
– Content creation tools
– Content distribution platforms
– Social media tools
– Content distribution tools
– Blogger tools
– Outreach tools
– Scaling tools
– Conversion optimization tools
– Webmaster tools
– Monetization tools
– Lead generation tools
– Browser plugins
– WordPress plugins
For SEO newbies, it’s best to read this book cover-to-cover. It starts with an ‘SEO starter toolkit,‘ which will help you identify the right tools to get your online business off the ground on the right foot. If you make wrong decisions at the outset, it will cost you a lot of money, time, and effort to implement even the simplest SEO meta tags.
For seasoned marketers, business owners, and entrepreneurs, the book will allow you to scale your efforts (i.e., be able to do more with less), and beat your competitors not with a bigger stick (i.e., budget), but with smarter ideas, while achieving higher output for your efforts.
Lastly, “99 SEO Tools for 99 Cents” was published as a response to the feedback from the readers of my first book, “SEO Like I’m 5,” reviewers, and NYU classrooms where students read it as a textbook. Overwhelmingly, they indicated they loved the tools that were mentioned, but they were sprinkled around the book. If you read “SEO Like I’m 5,” use this book as a companion guide to bring the most effective SEO strategies to life.
Most the tools are free or include a free trial; however, certain tools, such as email marketing software or website hosting solutions, include a small monthly fee.

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99 SEO Tools for 99 Cents

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