6 Money Habits That Can Make You Debt-Free

1. Money Habits

Do you pay 10% into your IRA and 401K as the first thing you do when income arrives? Or do you pay the debt collector first before any other consideration? Do you spend all of your money trying to make your small business profitable as the only priority?

2. Money Mindset

Do you focus on increasing your assets and your return on investments through smart strategies, in addition to earning a good income? Or are you hyper focused on improving your FICO score and keeping the debt collectors happy? Or do you spend most of your time and money networking in local meetings and attending marketing seminars to try and drum up more business?

3. Plan for Escaping the Rat Race and Living the Rich Life

Have you adopted the Thrive Budget, Modern Portfolio Theory, easy-as-a-pie-chart nest egg strategies and the 3-Ingredient Recipe for Cooking Up Profits? Or are you clinging onto investments that have lost value, praying for a Hail Mary miracle that erases your losses and achieves unbelievable gains, and borrowing money to stay afloat in the meantime? Are you so afraid of the idea of investing that you invest only in yourself and your business, but get tempted to buy gold because that’s what everyone else is doing?

4. Health, Health Insurance and Health Savings Accounts

Do you have a high deductible with health savings account that you manage for 10% ROI? Or, are you stressed out all of the time, worried about your health, angry at all of the ways you are being eaten alive by bills, and paying an arm and a leg for health insurance because you have to? Or, do you spend most of your “extra” money on fun and pleasure instead of health insurance? Are you uninsured?

5. Outlook on Business

Do you work hard, course correct, adopt best business practices and keep work and family and home life separate? Or are you so worried about your finances that you are crabby with your family and draining your life savings to try and hang onto everything, including a failing business or investment? Have you borrowed from family and friends to buy another self-help seminar or online marketing course?

6. Outlook on Life

Do you take responsibility for your fiscal health? Or do you feel like a victim? Or are you just perplexed as to why all of your Law of Attraction seminars ended up costing you so much money, instead of bringing the riches they promised?

Once you understand how your thinking has trapped you in a cycle of over-spending and debt, you can start planning and acting more like an investor who is taking ownership of her life and is determined to get financially free. You will shift out of debt consciousness and into prosperity and abundance. Out of victim mentality and into ownership. Out of trying to appease the credit card companies, banks, debt collectors and others who hound you for a payment, and into a workable Debt Management Plan that allows you to contribute to your own Retirement Plan and basic needs, while you pay off debt on the best possible terms. You will transform out of depression, disgust, rage and/or helplessness into being a conscious creator of your world and our world at large.

Source by Tom Kucharski

6 Money Habits That Can Make You Debt-Free
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