Amp Grinders 2.5 Inch Herb Grinder with Pollen Catcher, Scraper tool and Magnetic Lid


The perfect grind, time after time

The AMP 2.5″ Herb Grinder is the highest-quality 3-chamber grinder available. We used only premium-grade zinc alloy to insure optimal mechanic and precision. This insures that the four components mesh perfectly together to hold the fruits of your labor safely in place while delivering superior grinding movement.

Hold your AMP Grinder by the lid and shake it vigorously without any danger of it opening up. While zinc alloy is lightweight, it has exceptional impact resistance. Accidents do happen, and if you drop your AMP Grinder it won’t be thrown out of balance and become unusable.

AMP Grinders are designed to be your LAST herb grinder. Inside is where it all happens The AMP 2.5″ Herb Grinder has razor-sharp diamond teeth strategically spaced for a consistent grind every time. And because you should let no part of your herbs, spices or tobacco go to waste, our grinder has a super-fine 500 micron mesh pollen screen and deep pollen catch. Your herb is destined to be potent to the very last grind.

You have our word

Customer Satisfaction is our top priority at AMP Grinders , and our product comes with a Lifetime Satisfaction Guarantee against defect or dissatisfaction. If our product malfunctions or otherwise does not perform to your expectations, we will cheerfully issue a replace or a refund of your purchase price.

Life is short. Get the most out of your grind.

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2 GRINDERS IN 1 – PRECISION MILLED in zinc alloys with top of the line machinery we can produce heavy duty grinders. These grinders are then finished with a polished metal finish. This process allows us to create the strongest and most reliable herb grinder around. Also allowing us to design the grinder to have the filter chamber removable to provide a more compact grinder for on the go uses.
SHARP DIAMOND CUTTING TEETH allow us to give our customers the most efficient and smoothest shredding advantage compared to other grinder on the market today. Tobacco, Oregano, Herbs and Spices stand no chance in our grinder, instead just give you Amazing results in both chambers.
NEODYMIUM MAGNETS have been used in the lids of the grinder since we have started and are the most POWERFUL and Reliable. Also combined with a Poly O-Ring helps odor control, freshness, a smoother grind, well providing tight lid closure.
MEDICAL OR COOKING, this Unique 4 Piece, 3 Chamber Amp Grinders come with a 500 Micron Filter for Catching Pollen (or kief) with Storage and Tool!
100% LIFETIME WARRANTY with AMP GRINDERS. With a No Hassle Money Back Guarantee, we want to keep our customers experience in quality and service as our top priority!!! DON’T FORGET these are great gifts add-ons for family members, friends, house warming parties, and birthday’s!!!! Ships from the USA *Packaging subject to change*

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Amp Grinders 2.5 Inch Herb Grinder with Pollen Catcher, Scraper tool and Magnetic Lid
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