How to Find an Old Boyfriend - Locating Someone From the Past

Do you ever think about your first love or the special boyfriend that got away? Some people think a lot about the past and wonder about the whereabouts of their old boyfriend. Technology is really advanced these days and the internet makes it easy to find old friends. So you have the bright idea to find an old boyfriend but don’t know where to start the search.

Social Networking Websites

Many people reconnect with old boyfriends, classmates and friends on websites such as MySpace or Facebook. There are a number of social networking websites that have popped up on the internet in recent years that help reconnect people from the past. Some examples of the websites are Classmates, MySpace, Facebook and Twitter. Many of the social networking websites have a large community of members. Some sites allow you to search by high school or college which can be helpful.

Search WhitePages

There are a number of free information websites that can be used to locate someone such as a former relationship partner or a neighbor. Websites like Whitepages and 411 are websites that work like a phonebook. If you know the person name then you can do a search for that particular person. The information directory will give back names, address, and phone numbers of people with that particular name. The more you know about the person, the better your chance are for a successful query. If you can find out their state of residence that is very helpful and of course region or city narrows it further.

Search Engines

It is possible to find someone by simply putting the person name in a search engine like Google. Searching Google will work better with someone that has a unique name. If the name is common, you’ll have difficulties.

One thing to keep in mind is that your search could reveal that the old boyfriend is now married with kids. It is important to determine the reasons for contacting the guy and your intentions when reconnected with the old boyfriend. Many women can feel that they missed out on a good relationship if the boyfriend is successful after during a search for the old boyfriend’s whereabouts. What are your motives as that is helpful to see if you want to look up someone from the past or not.

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How to Find an Old Boyfriend - Locating Someone From the Past
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