How to Write Articles For a Hotel or Accommodation Website

Do you own a travel website? Does your website offers tips on where to stay for travelers? To ensure that your site is not penalized by the search engines, you must always be prepared to publish good content on your website. Here is how you can write quality articles for your accommodation website.

1) Focus on quality over quantity.

It doesn’t help to fill your sites with filler articles. Instead, such content will just degrade the overall quality of your website. Try to write articles that will provide useful information for travelers. Put yourself in the shoes of a traveler and try to come up with a list of problems you will face. For instance, as a traveler, you will need to be able to contact the hotels to confirm bookings. You will also need to know how to get to the hotel. So you can post maps to the hotels and travel directions.

2) Post reviews.

Travelers usually want to know the quality of an accommodation before placing bookings. Your website may contain affiliate links that promote other hotels. But visitors are more likely to confirm a booking if they read positive reviews of the hotels.

Of course, your reviews must be as unbiased as possible. To do this right, you must be prepared to post both the pros and cons of the accommodation sites. This is to ensure that you don’t destroy the credibility of your website.

3) Unique content only.

Only post content that is unique on your own site. Never try to copy and paste travel articles that have been published all over the Internet. This will help with your search rankings.

Source by Darren K Chow

How to Write Articles For a Hotel or Accommodation Website
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