Renegade Running From the Lawlessness of Fear, Lies and Untruths in Your Life

A Renegade is running, fleeing or deserting common logic or principles that can cause them or others pain or discomfort. A Renegade is running from whom? The lawlessness of fear; there is no reason to be afraid when imminent danger is not present. Renegades are oftentimes misunderstood. Are they really running from the law, or are they running away from something horrible, or painful, or from lies that they make a conscious effort to dismiss? Are renegades running from lies told about themselves, lies they tell, or untruths in their perception about themselves or about others?

You be the judge, after all, aren’t we all renegades in one area of life? Running like a renegade, is to flee from receiving pain we regret, or fleeing something lawless, untruths or fabricated, unfounded gossip by liars and thieves of peace. Perhaps a Renegade is running from fear? Fear should be limited, or when unfounded, illegal in all 50 states, and anywhere else coveted by humanity. Fear does have a purpose, it warns of danger or destruction, though it should not be a life situation, or an ongoing event.

In my own opinion, manifested renegade energy begins with a thought about what resonates with emotions and perception about any given, unlawful circumstance, or of a situation that has passed normal constraints, surpassed acceptable boundaries, or limits. Don’t allow anyone to place constraints or limits on your time, life, or on your perception of reality.

Be aware of your conditioned reality. Make it conditioned expression. Reprogram your renegade energy. Replace limiting beliefs with action. Move and advance with freedom of mobility and thought to suit your own dial-setting, and not to the setting of society’s view of what you need to do. Judging another or being judged is a very limiting way to exist. Take renegade energy by the reins and witness new ways of processing accurate information, increase your base of knowledge, watch new avenues become more attainable with less effort and gain clarity.

Live in your own truth and make yourself acceptable and accountable to none, other than yourself. If you are a poet, painter, or carpenter or animal trainer, use your best energy to accept your own attributes and release any renegade thoughts, that are not your own truth, of your own making, or in alignment with your current life situation.

Renegades run from the law, though, it may be that they are running away from their own sense of law that is guided through their subconscious voice. Our subconscious voice, we all have one, is innate, and individual, the private inner voice that speaks to us. The voice that cannot be hidden from you, or in the knowing that the voice refuses to be quiet and demands to deliver a message, or administer a warning.

To be a renegade is an injustice to the inner man. Our conscious voice speaks with words and messages with remarkable delivery making requests for movement. Convert those resounding words into ACTION, or dismiss altogether, only you know the correct response to that acquisition.

RENEGADE energy is VERY CLEAR, there is something REMISS, OUT-OF-SYNC, or it resonates with ANXIETY, FEAR, PAIN. OR DISEASE, suggesting that an intuitive alarm bell is ringing loudly to be heard, even if only by you!

Listen to the alarm when you hear the vibrations ringing with renegade energy, summoning your attention to generate focus on a particular situation, or response that went unchallenged, out of control, gone awry, or possibly went unnoticed.

STAND FACE-TO-FACE in clear cognizance and presence of mind, the renegade energy that you feel can be faced directly. You are the only energy in the synergy of your universe strong enough to deflate the RENEGADE inside of you that lies, cheats and steals. Maybe the RENEGADE is confused energy that will run away once you comfort and soothe that soft, inner voice with kindness, TRUTH and tender energy.

Allow yourself to be consoled first. Give self-comfort, and then give comfort to family and friends. Face the situation and take the necessary steps to correct what is remiss, misunderstood, or sometimes seeks closure, on a situation that no longer carries life-enhancing energy for you.

RELAX, REJOICE, RECHARGE AND RELEASE RENEGADE energy. . Rapid, run- away energy needs to be reined into positive, productive, palpable, peaceful guidance. Renegade energy is in everyone, make the choice to seek knowledge and challenge fearful situations, start by focusing on events that will increase your understanding for the betterment of your life journey, and of those along your path.

Like the alarm bell that sounded for you this morning, it served its purpose and now it’s time to begin a new chapter in your life, time to release negative people, situations and lies, that are only a reminder, of how much you have learned throughout your life challenges. Many blessing’s are wished for you on your life-long learning and in realizing your dreams!

I enjoy learning from you and from others offering me knowledge continuously!

Source by Lorie Ann Jermoune

Renegade Running From the Lawlessness of Fear, Lies and Untruths in Your Life
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