The Business Side of Acting - Important Things You Should Know!

Very commonly when actor’s want to start an acting career they worry about, the things that aren’t so important, like struggles faced. These things can really affect an aspiring actor in his journey. I think there’s some things that are more important, that if an actor were to focus on them, they’d be on their path to a promising career. What I’m talking about is the business side of acting. This part is so important, because without it actor’s wouldn’t be successful.

The Entertainment Industry is hard to get into, so that’s why actors need a business plan in motion to propel them to success. Very much like any business, when at it’s conception, you always set a business guideline in motion and set goals for your business. The same needs to be applied towards acting.

One thing you do in a business, is to build a customer base. So what does that mean as an actor? It means that you need to start to have a fan base or people who find interest in you. Essentially these people will be customer of your business because they buy from you, it doesn’t matter how small this customer base is, as everyone has to start somewhere. How you do this is to get involved in the industry as much as possible, by doing plays, indie films, shorts, web-series. Getting yourself out there, and making sure people are watching, this is where Facebook and Twitter play an important role.

On a same note, this also goes into advertising yourself as an actor. Send your resumes and headshots to industry people in, directing, producing, casting. Advertising yourself as a performer on the internet, like I said this is where Twitter and Facebook come in, Use these tools to get you name out there. Work Hard!

Source by Mikey Christianson

The Business Side of Acting - Important Things You Should Know!
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