Trivita's Michael Ellison - The Right Leadership?

Trivita’s Michael Ellisoni is the subject of this Trivita review. After all, teaming up with a company without forward thinking, ethical, and skilled leadership at the helm is like sailing on a ship with no rudder…you never know where you’re going to end up and it’s only a matter of time before you crash and sink.

So for obvious reasons, it’s critical to have an understanding of those individuals that have a significant influence on the future of Trivita or whatever MLM company you decide to team up – that is if you plan on enjoying long term residual income, which just happens to be one of the best benefits of having your own MLM business.

So if you’re researching Michael Ellison of Trivita and reading this Trivita review because you’re trying to figure out if this is the right MLM company for you, than this MLM review is a great place to start. Before I present the general information on Michael R. Ellison, Founder and CEO of Trivita, a lot of which you can find for yourself by visiting a few sites on the web, I think it’s equally important, if not MORE critical, to tell you what I DIDN’T find when I did my research on Mr. Ellison.

It’s pretty common when you do research on an MLM company’s leadership to find the word “scam” cropping up in at least one or two reviews concerning that leadership. This certainly did not hold true in the case of Michael Ellison of Trivita. Truth be told, I could not find anything negative printed about him anywhere. He founded the Trivita company on his faith based principles, and his integrity as a person and as the CEO of Trivita are easily seen both in his actions as well as in his words. And as the saying goes, actions speak louder then words.

By the way, I want to mention here that this IS an unbiased review, because at the writing of this MLM review, I have no affiliation with Trivita or Michael Ellison, either directly or indirectly. I just “calls ’em as I sees ’em” folks. With that little disclaimer, let’s move on to some of the factual details concerning Michael Ellison of Trivita.

Mr. Ellison, has an extensive background in broadcasting, founded Christian Ministries Advertising, Inc., which is now currently known as Ellison Media Company. I’m going to share some details about his development of Ellison Media Company because I believe these facts will demonstrate Michael Ellison’s skill sets and talents as a creative and forward thinking entrepreneur.

Michael Ellison had a goal for his company to help establish media ministries around the world during a period of time when broadcast ministry was still something pretty new. Ellison Media Company and the industry grew simultaneously, creating new branches of outreach in Christian ministry, and eventually setting new trends in developing international offices in Africa, Latin America, Australia, Canada and Europe.

Michael Ellison has carried over this same innovative and entrepreneurial spirit into the founding of Trivita in 1999 after going through his own personal health crisis at the age of 50. He joined with a successful developer of four independent direct sales businesses, Barry Borthistle, to create Trivita Inc., a company dedicated to the mission of helping people fight the war on disease by focusing on physical, emotional and spiritual health.

Michael Ellison of Trivita is a member of the Better Business Bureau, and claims to have a passion for helping others achieve greater wellness and for teaching them how to build wealth to fulfill their life purposes. In keeping with that claim, each new Trivita Affiliate Member is given a free copy of his book, “10 Keys for Creating Wealth and Wellness.”

The evidence put forth in this Trivita review of Michael Ellison of Trivita overwhelmingly points out Mr. Ellison’s qualities of being an ethical, strong, capable leader, one that any Trivita distributor would be pleased and proud to have at the helm of his or her company.

However, in all good conscience, I need to add this caveat here. While good leadership qualities should be one of the essential criteria for you when deciding which MLM company you want to team up with, along an outstanding product or service, and a terrific comp plan, those things are still not enough to ensure your success in your Trivita business.

To build a successful home business with Trivita, or any other MLM company, you have to understand marketing and how to leverage the internet effectively. In fact, if you really want to be certain of your success in this industry, you need to have a clear understanding of current marketing strategies, access to the right tools and training, and the ability to apply this knowledge and understanding effectively.

So for your best chance of success in network marketing, while you’re doing your due diligence on Trivita, be sure you do your research on how to equip yourself to build your Trivita business as well.

Source by Clint Mello

Trivita's Michael Ellison - The Right Leadership?
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