Will He Love Me Forever? WARNING! The BIG Mistake Most Women Make When Looking for True Love

Will he love me forever? How do I know that he’s REALLY the one? Will he be faithful… or do I need to worry that he’ll go down the road so many other husbands, boyfriends and lovers ultimately follow? In this article we are going to take a quick and easy look at some of the common questions many women ask about finding our soul-mates, as well as what I believe is the BIGGEST mistake most women make in our relationships as well. Curious to know more? Continue reading as we take a closer look below.

But first… a little about me:

As an emotional intuitive, and professional publisher, I’ve been writing about, and advising women about love, romance and relationships for 10 years. I’ve had millions of female readers over that time, and the BIGGEST question I always got was:

“How can I tell if he’s TRULY the One?”

The answer?

Easy! There are many signs that a man is right for you, and MOST of them… you already know in your gut, where it truly counts. The truth is, women have an amazing intuitive sense about the men we choose, and I truly believe that 99% of us already know how a relationship is going to end up, well before it does.

The big problem?

Believe it or not, most women listen to our HEADS, rather than our hearts. A guy might look good on “paper” and we may feel comfortable and confident with being in an a relationship, but ultimately….there is always that nagging fear and sense that something is “not quite right”, whenever we know it’s not.

Far too many women ignore that inner voice… and pretend they don’t hear it at all.

This is a big mistake… and in my view, when a relationship implodes or self destructs years later, I do NOT hold the man to blame.


I blame us for not trusting our intuition.

I know this sounds controversial, and I love my man as much as the next woman, but men are simply NOT as emotionally aware and intuitively awake as we are. Most men do NOT “see” the future the same way… and don’t have access to the same level of intuitive information as a result.

Here are a few rules I follow to “test” a relationship, whenever you are feeling unsure.

Close your eyes and visualize what your life looks like in 10 years. Picture your perfect day. Is he there? If not… why not?

Evaluate your authentic connection with him NOW. Do you feel like there is a karmic, spiritual bond that you share that transcends the ordinary? Each of us is BORN with that as the goal, and if you don’t feel the “karma of connection” at work in your relationship, the truth is, for better or worse, he’s NOT the right one for you.

Do you believe in aura’s? I do…and have seen how powerful they can be when a relationship is REALLY right. Each of us as an anergy, or an aura that reflects our level of spiritual harmony. If your aura is NOT “right” or the relationship aura is off, believe it or not, a good sensitive can SEE it from a mile away. (sounds nuts… but more and more scientists are studying energy medicine, healing, chakras, reikei, and all sorts of ways that your spiritual body can be fine tuned for optimum health, and believe or not, your RELATIONSHIPS are the first place to look)

Remember, open your mind, and heart to the power and possibilities that true love and authentic passion has in your life. As someone who has spent many years writing about, advising and studying the effects of karma and the connection that transcends lovers and lifetimes, it’s the one thing you CAN do to find out now, before it’s too late.

Source by Angela Zoile

Will He Love Me Forever? WARNING! The BIG Mistake Most Women Make When Looking for True Love
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