50 Power Words That Sell

Words are powerful. In fact, it’s safe to assume that words have the potential to unleash overwhelmingly strong emotions in each and every one of us. They cause us to fall in love, go to war and save the dolphins. They persuade, convince and move us to take unique action.

According to the Global Language Monitor, the English language now contains over one million words.

However, you may be shocked to discover that there are only a handful of words that are powerful and compelling enough to move your prospects to action. Whether you want your prospect to visit your blog, go to your sales page or eventually spend their money on your product or service, it comes down to one important factor: the power of your words.

Research suggests that there are “power sales words” that appeal to prospects and buyers and ultimately convince them to take action. Yes, it’s absolutely true!

When it comes to writing ad-copy (whether it’s a webpage, sales page or email), choosing the right words absolutely matters. You can accomplish this best by cherry-picking from proven “power words” that will instantly achieve winning results for your small business.

It’s a clear-cut answer that will secure new and exciting changes in the overall health of your small business. Guaranteed.

In fact, choosing the right “power words” in your sales copy can uncover hidden profits that you didn’t know existed. When you use quality power words, your prospects will respond to you in a different manner. They will pay attention to you; they will be more involved in your ad-copy; they will stay on your page for a longer period of time. And, of course, they will eventually feel compelled to make a purchase.

If you’re looking for a simple, step-by-step solution for using “power words” in your ad-copy, here’s a private, behind-the-scenes, free peek at my own personalized list of power words. It’s a convenient, “how-to” guide that will improve your ad-copy and ultimately make you more sales.

And it’s critical to keep in mind that utilizing the following 50 power words when writing your ad-copy will ensure that your small business quickly and easily rises to the top.

(By the way, I had a little fun and secretly slipped in all 50 “power words” throughout this article – can you spot them all?)

The Top 50 Power Words that Sell

  1. Absolutely

  2. Accomplish

  3. Achieve

  4. Benefit

  5. Best

  6. Clear-cut

  7. Compelling

  8. Convenient

  9. Critical

  10. Dependable

  11. Easy/Easily

  12. Ensure

  13. Exciting

  14. Free

  15. Fun

  16. Guarantee/Guaranteed

  17. Health/Healthy

  18. How-To

  19. Improve/Improved

  20. Instant/Instantly

  21. Love

  22. Money

  23. More

  24. New

  25. Now

  26. Personalized

  27. Power/Powerful

  28. Private

  29. Proven

  30. Quality

  31. Quick/Quickly

  32. Results

  33. Safe/Safely

  34. Save

  35. Secrets

  36. Secure

  37. Shocked/Shocking

  38. Simple

  39. Solution

  40. Step-by-Step

  41. Strong

  42. Top

  43. Uncover

  44. Unique

  45. Unleashed

  46. Unlimited

  47. Unlock

  48. Winning

  49. Yes

  50. You/Your

*BONUS WORD: Using the person’s name

So, the next time that you sit down to write ad-copy, pick and choose from these 50 power words that sell. Your small business will thank you. – CLICK HERE to see all 50 “power words” in action!

Source by Jessica M Swanson

50 Power Words That Sell
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