A Prescription to Cure Boredom

Boredom is a strange creature. Those who are not suffering from the condition are mystified that anyone could be that unresponsive to his surroundings that he could claim to be suffering from a profound state of boredom.

No matter what is the cause of this state of mind, a cure is available. Boredom is a form of mind rot. A universal prescription for mind rot is creativity. Out of all the various forms of creativity, one stands apart as a cure for this malady. It is writing.

The majority of people can already write, where only a few have put in the time and energy to learn to play a musical instrument, ballet dance, sculpt or paint. The case for writing as an escape mechanism from boredom is that any literate person can do it in any language. It can be done at any time-day or night. No special location is needed. One can write at the kitchen table, office desk, front porch, doctors office or on a cruise ship.

One needs no partner, opponent, team or specialized facility such as a court, field or track. There are no dietary requirements or physical training regimes. There are no application forms to fill out, licenses to obtain or fees to pay. All that is required is for one to sit down with a pen and a pad or in front of a computer and begin to write.

I can hear the great wails now: “Write? Who me? What would I write about?” Everyone has a whole lifetime of stories. Every family has a generous number of family stories that should be preserved for your progeny. If those seem too dull, make up stories of your own. Populate them with characters of your choosing. Should the subject and characters strike your fancy, expand the story into a novella or a novel. If it’s really fascinating go for a trilogy or a series.

Writing has a gargantuan appetite for time. It can cause you to be late for appointments, miss meals, work through ball games or soaps and lose sleep. Once a writing routine has been developed there is no room left for boredom. Also, writers are welcome in writers’ organizations, critique groups and hosts of other writers’ activities.

Now that you have read this article, there is no excuse to suffer from boredom. You can be cured. Write.

Source by Kee Briggs

A Prescription to Cure Boredom
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