Attraction Is the Result of Planning and Action, Achieved in Passion - Fashion Your Passion Daily

*It seems that more and more these days we are hearing about attraction. Whether in a romantic sense or not, really makes no difference because the principles are the same…

A person is attracted by what sparks or energizes their passion through their sight and senses. The same concept holds true for attracting the life path meant for me and for you!

If we want to attract a lean, clean and healthy mate, then by all means, we must emulate what we want to attract or reap back to ourselves..Attraction is a concept that can be applied to most anything you want to bring back into your field of energy. The energy you release into the universe has a mirror-effect- Do you like what you see?~

***A powerful, positive, outstanding individual wants the same kind of rewarding energy that they send out into the world. Do you agree? If someone works hard at excelling in everything similar to where they send their intentions and energy- to plan, work, and finally to complete. Obviously they care about what they put into the universe. With that being said, an effective, hard- working person is going to want another judicious, hard- working person to live with, work with,or to a part of their bandwagon too! A resourceful person will do daily deeds to arrive to their chosen desired destiny by planting seeds of effort in the scope of their daily living. Planning and planting seeds, in our daily habits and accomplishments will grow future outcomes of desired success. IN remarkable passion, fashion your actions daily- climb the steps of ascension allow yourself to go or be led to the road of action or opportunity to where your heart feels the most liberating peace and happiness will surely follow you…

*So the point being made here is if you are ready to commit to doing the toil, work and effort to attract what you want into your life, you gotta be prepared to flow in the same field of effort and energy. Our desired person or outcomes do not wait for us to feel better- NO- Your desired outcome or person is first placed as a thought by your higher consciousness, to compel you and me to want to excel at something. To want to be better or live better is innate. We want enhancement to broaden our scope of life knowledge. Also, let it be noted that as we evolve mentally and spiritually, we crave to be around more and more people and situations of like mind. The higher your ways of thinking the more you and me are going to get fed-up or even frustrated by old ways of doing things. Or else totally lose appeal or interest in what no longer resonates with the new more powerful way that we are expanding our intuition. Our intuition has grown wings and in the discovery of our new thoughts we feel more awesome about our choices! We can all achieve this more by allowing ourselves to crave higher awareness and to put ourselves in an environment that is conducive to what acts and people have already achieved success in their chosen field of effort. Our very souls are craving new ways of dealing with old stories more than staying still and complacent. Have you started a business plan? Or, have you added an action plan for what you want to achieve before the years’ end? With focus, effort, and determination, we can all attract anyone or anything into our field of energy and live more joyfully in the process of following the rules for the law of attraction..

Attraction is the result of planning and action, achieved in passion-Fashion your passion daily!The law of attraction works with intention, purpose, effort and action- attracting the attention of a person, many people or the profession that we feel brings us peace, comfort, ease and lastly enjoyment is a calculated risk. A chance that can invigorate your life, finances or renew your mindset is a good risk investment. Are you ready to attract more joy and abundance into your life?

***I enjoy learning from you and from others offering me knowledge continuously!~

Source by Lorie Ann Jermoune

Attraction Is the Result of Planning and Action, Achieved in Passion - Fashion Your Passion Daily
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