Do It Yourself! Tips To Streamline Your Budget In 2017

A new outlook for the New Year and a hands-on approach to financial freedom.

You did a lot of stuff last year and spent a lot of money on a lot of things that you probably shouldn’t have. Now that you are suffering that New Year’s financial hangover and wondering how you could get yourself out of the clutches of despair and into a new headspace, I’ve got a few tips that could save you a lot of dollars in the long run. Ever noticed how the little jobs that the electrician, carpenter, mechanic and your average handyman cost you at the end of the day? And how you always have that person’s number on speed dial? Well, it’s time to ditch his number and start learning how to do it yourself. Here are some ways how:

Get yourself a toolbox.

This is an absolute essential. Not having tools is half the problem that you have. Remember that sigh when you realize your plumber has the correct wrench for that stubborn pipe, or when your carpenter has the correct screwdriver that you were looking for before giving up and dialing his number. These tools don’t have to be power tools. A simple toolbox for beginners will suffice. After all, it has all the essentials that have been standing in your way. Now that you have tools the first thing that will happen is an increased enthusiasm to try out your tools on a few things, and you will discover that most of the things that you thought were a total write off and beyond your ability are actually quite easy if you have the right tools.

Watch a few videos.

Self-help videos are all over the internet, and they can be quite a resourceful way to learn how to learn how to a few simple jobs around the house. Visual learning can always be easier to implement and to copy

Better still watch a professional do it.

This time doesn’t offer to get them a drink and disappear to watch TV while they solve your problems for you stay, watch and learn. Look at how they approach the problem and how they go about solving it and ask questions. After they are gone, try it out, and next time you won’t have to call them again.

Read around.

Borrow that book from that friend and learn how to set up cupboards, how to change an electric bulb and how to change a door handle. There are tons of books that have step by step instructions that can help you become a pro at some of the things you lacked proficiency in.

Try, try again.

Most of all, no one ever succeeds at something they didn’t even try to do. Getting out of your comfort zone is extremely hard, but the benefits will be worthwhile. Failing at a task is hard, but there is nothing like that first rush of those warm fuzzy feelings just after you have accomplished a task. It will make you want to attempt to pass another hurdle and eventually you will be invincible.

Give your pocket a break and enjoy doing it yourself.

Source by Maryam Nasrullah

Do It Yourself! Tips To Streamline Your Budget In 2017
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