How to Bowl on Sticky Approaches

Sticky approaches have been a problem for many years before I knew how to bowl. Not long ago I had an experience that changed the way I deal with approaches.

I was bowling one night when all of a sudden I stuck while delivering the ball on my final step. I took a header over the foul line and injured my knee in the process. A fellow bowler gave me some talcum powder to help me slide better but this only worked for a few times. (Note that bowling establishments frown on using talcum because it could cause a bowler to slide too much unexpectedly). Of course now I’m a bit tentative wondering if I’m going to slide when I make my approach.

The lanes pro-shop pro came over to see what all the commotion was and went back to his shop and came back with a sliding device that slipped over my sliding toe of my shoe with an elastic band that wrapped around the heal. It worked like a charm and I tell everyone about it since that day.

If you are a bowler who likes to frequent different bowling lanes than I would recommend buying a shoe with interchangeable soles. These soles are easy to change and comfortable. They come with several different soles for different lane approach conditions. This makes life a lot easier.

For the novice who doesn’t bowl much or is happy with their present shoe I recommend either buying a sliding pad from your pro-shop. You can get an idea of how this will work but cutting off the toe of an old sock and slipping it over your sliding foot toe. This tends to fall off and bunch up but it will give you the idea before you make the purchase.

I hope this article will give you a few more suggestions on what to do the next time you run into a sticky approach. May this help you learn how to bowl without injury.

Source by Wally E Voelker

How to Bowl on Sticky Approaches
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