How To Catch A Cheater - Trick Your Spouse Or Lover

How to Trick Your Boyfriend or Girlfriend and smoke them out

If your boyfriend or girlfriend or spouse is cheating on you it can oftentimes be very difficult to actually catch them in the act. In one of my previous articles here at I described a variety of tools and programs you can use to catch cheaters in the act. Aside from catching them in the act there are tricks you can employ that will help to magnify behavior that should seriously raise and confirm suspicions they are in fact cheating on you. Here is one such way to do that.

Your ill mom will catch your boyfriend or girlfriend cheating for you

Here is the way this scheme works. Come up with a reason or excuse that you have to go away for a few days. The longer the better. Because the longer you go away the more comfortable your potential cheating partner will be letting the cat out of the bag so to speak. Make sure you come up with an excuse that is believable and verifiable. You can say your mom is ill, just make sure your boyfriend can’t call your mom to check this out unless your mom is into this trick with you. Where you really go is up to you. Could be a friends house or even a motel just a town away. To make this trick even more believable. There are caller ID spoof cards out there that allow you to make a phone call from a phone would make it look like it is coming from any phone number you wish. So for instance if your moms name is Alice Cooper you could place phone call to your cheating spouse while you’re away and his caller ID will see the call coming from Alice Cooper with Alice Cooper’s phone number on the caller ID. You can Google ‘caller ID spoof’ to find these or go to our tricks to catch cheaters website.

How this Secret Technique will smoke your cheating boyfriend or girlfriend out

There are several ways that you can verify that your boyfriend or girlfriend is a cheater using this method. First off when you tell your partner that you are going away for four or five days is their initial comment or reaction that they want to go with you? When you tell them you need to go alone how vehemently do they protest? Do they seem eager to get rid of you? This is the first thing you must notice with this technique. What is their reaction and behavior regarding you going away alone for several days. Remember in their eyes if you’re gone for a while this will be the perfect opportunity to run freely throughout the house and town with the person they are cheating with.

The second way this technique will smoke your cheating boyfriend girlfriend out is while you are away you could have hidden mini cameras installed in different parts of the house that will capture what goes on. The better ones will be motion activated. You can also have a GPS tracking device, a small rectangular box about the size of a pack of cigarettes, hidden somewhere in your cheating spouses car. While you were away you log onto a computer and track where your cheating boyfriend or girlfriend goes while you are away.

How you use this opportunity to trap and catch your cheating boyfriend or girlfriend is only limited by your imagination and the tools. There are tons of tools and programs out there that will help you achieve your objective of gathering the evidence you need.

Source by Shannon Sapperstein

How To Catch A Cheater - Trick Your Spouse Or Lover
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