How to Find Out the Owner of a Cell Phone Number - Reveal Their Name and Address

Getting the details of someone from their cell phone is one of the toughest tasks you can do. Because cell phone numbers are kept private, it’s hard for anyone to find out who owns one…. otherwise there’d be no point trying to chat up women – we could just get their numbers online! Luckily, there’s actually a way to get someone’s name and address from their cell phone number by using several Internet services.

The first thing you need to do to get someone’s details is to use the major search engines to see if they have had their phone number on the Internet anywhere. You just need to go to the likes of Google, Yahoo and Bing and type in their number in “quotation marks”. This will make the search engine scan for the number in a series of websites, allowing you to quickly see if anyone has posted it on there… and if so – what their details are. This method isn’t the most effective, but you can sometimes strike gold with it.

The second thing you need to do is to get someone’s details from their social networking page. The likes of Facebook, Twitter and MySpace have exploded in popularity over the years, and the good news is that lots of people post their name and cell phone number on these sites. Luckily, you can just search these sites to find out exactly who called – you just need to type in the number on the likes of Facebook, Twitter or MySpace and then that will allow you to see if any of the members have that number listed.

If these two methods don’t work, then you’ll likely want to try and use a more reliable way to get the details. This method does cost a small fee, but it’s reliable and is effective. Basically, there are several websites which sell people’s details by allowing you to search for the cell phone number and then reveal the name, address and history of people. These sites are extremely popular and cover around 90% of cell numbers.

You need to go on one of these “Reverse Phone Lookup” sites, type in the number you have and then see the results that pop up. These sites work by purchasing information from the likes of banks, advertising agencies and even the government, allowing them to store the cell details and address information in one giant database, which you an search from the website.

Source by Greg Banks

How to Find Out the Owner of a Cell Phone Number - Reveal Their Name and Address
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