How to Get My Boyfriend to Appreciate Me? Effective Strategies to Make Him Value You a Lot More

Sometimes being in a relationship makes you complacent. If you feel that your boyfriend has become complacent and needs to appreciate you more, then here are the things that you need to do to wake him up.

Be clear in your communication

Men often stop appreciating women who are too complicated and speak to them in a language that they cannot comprehend. Remember that your man is taking you at face value. So speak to him clearly and you will have bridged the gap in communication.

Show him that you are in demand

When you want your boyfriend to appreciate you more at times you have to play a little dirty. Show your boyfriend that you are in demand and are getting a lot of attention from the other men that you know. Even if all of it is harmless your man will see the potential threat and will make an effort to appreciate you more.

Don’t spend all your available time with him

In order to get appreciated more by your man you have to stop being available to him and at his beck and call. It is very important that you let your man miss you a little so that he understands your true worth in his life.

Let him feel free when he is with you

A man also appreciates that woman who gives him the freedom to be. Don’t be controlling in your attitude and let your man feel free to be himself. If you do this your man will definitely appreciate you more.

Encourage him to have his alone time

You need to show your man that you understand and value the need for space. You should encourage him to follow his passions. Give him the space to be with his friends and enjoy himself without making him feel guilty for not including you in his plans. When your man sees your open mindedness he will appreciate you more.

Be accepting of his faults

All people have faults. But your man will appreciate you more if you focus on his strengths and not on his flaws. Accept his faults as a part of who he is without judging him or trying to change him and your man will definitely begin to value you more.

Be a volcano of fun

Your man will also value you a lot more if you show him that he can have a good time with you. Be uninhibited when you are with him and make him see how much you both can enjoy together to make him appreciate you more.

Source by Krista Hiles

How to Get My Boyfriend to Appreciate Me? Effective Strategies to Make Him Value You a Lot More
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