How to Make Your Man Cherish and Adore You

Do you love your man but feel there is something missing in your relationship? Do you feel frustrated and hopeless that your love life is not the way you dreamed it would be?

Let’s look at how you make your man feel and what can you do to turn your relationship around and feel cherished and adored by your man.

Make Your Man Feel Significant

How do you make your man feel? Does he know that he is the one you want to share your life with? Maybe you are upset with him at the moment and start wondering if he is really the one for you.

Men need to feel significant. He needs to feel that he matters, that he’s needed and valuable. If a man doesn’t feel significant, he crumbles, he feels defeated and looses his strong masculine qualities that we women so admire and need to feel safe and express our feminine nature. He might withdraw into his own cave and you will feel rejected and lonely. When he does this, just assume that he is asking for something from you, that he feels unloved and not valued.

If a man doesn’t feel significant in his romantic relationship, he will find a way to fulfil this need somewhere else. Maybe by working a lot, maybe by spending a lot of time with his mates or maybe by having an affair. The drive to feel significant is so strong in a man that he’ll find a way to fulfil it.

By making him feel significant you are actually looking after yourself, you are making sure that the strong man you need is beside you and is able to cherish you and provide what you need.

Does your man feel that he is the most significant person in your life? On a scale of 0 to 10, how significant do you think you make him feel? And now imagine stepping into his body and answer from his point of view.

The secret here is, make him your hero! Let him know how much he means to you and how happy he makes you. He needs to know that he is your number one. He needs to know that he is successful in making you feel happy. Appreciate every little effort he makes in giving you joy and love and you will get more of it. Appreciate the effort, not the end result, things sometimes don’t work out the way we want them to.

When a man feels that he is a hero, it’s a magnificent sight! He is in his power, very fulfilled and generous to give what he has. He will want to make you feel loved and happy. Isn’t it what you want?

I invite you for the next 4 weeks to ignore all the problems you might have and only focus on the positive. Only for 4 weeks! Commit to your relationship, use my tips and see what happens. To turn your relationship around you need to put your love and energy into it.

A word of caution here, don’t try to manipulate him by appreciation. Though the result is that he’ll be able to give you more love and care, that’s not why you appreciate him. You appreciate him because he is your man and you love him. Just shift your focus slightly and see all the great things about him, even if it’s just a couple. Start somewhere and more things will come. Forget about all the negative things you know about him for 4 weeks and focus on all the good qualities he has and things he does for you. Notice how this will change your relationship.

Once he is your Hero you’ll start feeling as a Queen. He’ll have the energy to give you the love and care that you need. And because he feels fulfilled, he’ll really enjoy cherishing you and providing for you.

The power is in your hands. With your generous and nurturing love you can take your relationship to a new level.

Source by Tarisha Tourok

How to Make Your Man Cherish and Adore You
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