How to Sell With Persuasion Using Subtle Sales Negotiation

Learning how to sell, as you know, offers the biggest financial reward in any industry. Top salesmen will always write their own terms, and make what they’re worth. The problem that seems to plague the sales ranks has nothing to do with the rewards of selling, but the process. The ‘how” becomes elusive to the majority, and fearful to the rest. Most sales training conveniently forgets that professional level selling requires a great deal of persuasion and negotiation, gently masked with finesse. Here are five ways you can immediately make your sales situations more persuasive (and more profitable):

1. Talk less

Have you ever encountered the slick, sleazy salesman that won’t stop talking while giving you the fake smile? More than likely you have. When salespeople get nervous… they tend to talk and talk without ever giving the prospect a chance to respond. Some sales training out there actually suggests to talk more! The training stated “telling is selling.” Nothing can be further from reality. It was explained to me years ago that our creator gave us two ears and one mouth… meaning the prospect should be doing the talking 2/3 of the time.

2. Stop trying to close…ABC is Wrong

Some of the old school sales trainers used to emphasize closing as selling gospel. The term “Always Be Closing” was coined and a whole generation of closers were born. What someone forget to tell this breed of salesman was the internet kinda changed the game. And by “kinda” I mean completely. Look, with a simple Google search, your prospect can find out everything about your product, your competitor, your cost, etc. There is no point using outdated closing gimmicks and assuming the close, and other sales techniques from the 70’s… the game is changing. Either adapt or find a new profession.

3. Use questions like a strategic missile

What happens when a salesman or advertisement jumps out at you claiming to be number 1? If you’re anything like your prospect… your reaction is “Ya, right” or “Who cares?” Bragging and hyping up your product will not sell it. The only reason anyone buys anything depends on their belief of the product having more value than the money in their pocket. Period. Find the real pain by asking subtle questions and price will never be an objection.

4. Deep benefits sell subconsciously

Most people involved in sales and marketing know that you sell the benefits not the features. But what separates the salespeople who are just getting by from the sales sharks that are million dollar producers… can be summed up as ‘Deep Benefits.’ While the shallow benefit of a exotic German car might be “the soft, hand stitched leather seats provide full back support, that make your commute as comfortable as possible.” The deep benefit will always trump the shallow one because deep benefits almost always “stroke the ego.” And you know all too well that desires of the ego have 100x the power of all other emotional desires (Well, almost all other desires…). The sales professional knows this and will use it to make the register ring. Our German car example becomes emotionally charged with the deep benefit of “imagine offering that new temp that has been on your mind a ride, and the look on her face when she opens the door and notices the luxurious fine leather seats…” Logic is no longer an obstacle.

5. Know thy prospect

To really improve your closing rate, there is no better way then learning about who exactly you are selling to. This often forgotten foundation of sales and marketing produces a crystal ball into the world of your prospect. Put together a complete picture of your typical customer. Find out her fears, his desires, her goals, his frustrations, etc. Everything that makes this person tick. Once you know them… and really know them, selling to the subconscious will be subtle, persuasive, and deadly effective. No more fake bonding or fake rapport building. Master this step and you have a secret door into their psyche.

Use these steps in your next sales encounter and pay attention to the changes they have with your prospect. All these methods use subtle sales negotiation to find the subconscious desires and then sell to those desires. Remember the phrase “Sell the sizzle, not that steak?” We took it a step further with “Sell a full stomach, not the sizzle.” Learn how to sell and everything in the world becomes attainable.

Source by Ron Simon

How to Sell With Persuasion Using Subtle Sales Negotiation
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