How to Show a Guy You Care About Him! Here Are Some Really Good Ways to Show Him How Much You Care

Are you in a relationship? How about even a serious one, or married? There are nothing short of a few dozen ways to show him your undying and fervent love.

Keep one thing in mind, though-and this could sound blunt initially-but never, EVER stump to the level of being mistreated, walked-all over or even treated like a slave. Moderation in a relationship is just as crucial as love, trust and faith is.

Affection and Romance

Show him the affectionate, even romantic, girl that you are. Hold your arm around his waist while walking side-by-side. Never be afraid to kiss in public (and he should not either) and just keep good physical/emotional closeness to him without smothering or obsessing him.

The Little Things…

Count just as much as the bigger sometimes. Leave the occasional love note in his dresser drawer or in his pants pocket. Surprise him after a long day at work with a scrumptious home-cooked meal. These things go a long, long way.

Be Attentive to his Needs

If he’s tired and stressed or depressed and moody, try to be there by his side-and offer as much comfort as you can without overbearing it. Listen to his concerns when he presents them to you and show that you’re genuinely interested in what he’s saying. Let him know that you’re just as interested in coming to a decision as he is-and that it’s going to work for the interest of both parties.


This doesn’t imply that you need to make him a God-rather, tell him how handsome he looks. Boost his ego a little bit in front of his or your friends with a couple of complements.


Don’t be a dead-weight in the water-like an anchor tying him down (especially financially). Show him that you want to contribute at least some to the financial and growing aspects of your relationship. Show some ambition of your own and make somebody of yourself, while still letting him know that he is the ONLY one for you. Any decent, non-possessive man and loving man will love this.


This one gets a tad sticky at times. Some women say to let the man have more control, some say it should be equal and some, well, are either allowed to be walked all-over or try to have complete dominance over their man. Moderation again is crucial. Do things with him that he enjoys (sports, movies, off-roading, drag-strip racing, etc) sometimes, but make him aware that he’s got to do many things that you enjoy that he may not necessarily enjoy.

Finally, the Best Tip Saved for Last!

Men, ahhhh men. They are, by nature, visual and tangible creatures. Keep a good, active sex life. Dress sexy for him at home once a blue-moon and afford him that sensuous back rub after a long day of work.

Source by Russell Jackson

How to Show a Guy You Care About Him! Here Are Some Really Good Ways to Show Him How Much You Care
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