How to Stop Commercials on NBA Highlights

Anybody else tired of these commercials before watching the NBA highlights? I just ran into the solution so I thought I would share it with you. There was often a little infomercial that came on when I was going to watch the Lebron James and Dwayne Wade highlights, and I was tired of having to sit through those. So here’s how to stop it.

First go to Google and type in Adblock and then click on adblock Then click on installation, and click install Adblock Plus 1.1.3. Click on allow, and then install now, and then you can click restart to complete.

Restart Firefox. When it comes back you will see a little add-on screen. You can just “x” out of that. And then, you can go to the little stop sign, click on preferences, and make sure the filter subscription is U.S.A. And after that there should be no more infomercials before the NBA highlights.

Try it out for yourself to see if it it worked. Start it again and see if where your two minute infomercial comes on for every highlight is still playing. It should be skipped. No infomercial. Anyways, a lot of people were getting pretty annoyed about that. A lot of flaming is going on right now on the NBA channel, but it’s pretty easy to stop. The thing is you do have to have Firefox or other compatible browsers to be able to do this. So, hope that’s helpful.

Source by Jacob W. Hiller

How to Stop Commercials on NBA Highlights
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