How to Use Text Messages to Excite Your Boyfriend

Text messages have become a part of our routine, daily communication but with a little tweaking and wisdom it can be a very effective tool in igniting and keeping your romantic flame burning. So what are some ways that you can use text messages to excite your boyfriend?

I. Send him random ‘I am thinking of you’ texts. To excite your boyfriend let him know periodically that you are thinking of him and that you yearn for him and all that he brings into your life. For these text messages to be effective you must send them at the most unlikely times and they should not be too many otherwise they will lose their effectiveness.

II. Send him flirty e-mails. A text message that will excite your boyfriend is one that gives him suggestions that he cannot get out of his mind but which are not explicit. Your message should fire his imagination so it should have something of who you are and something of what will fire his imagination. You know him best and you know what suggestions work for him and will keep playing in his mind. Again send these texts periodically as scarcity will make them even more special to him.

III. Send him funny but suggestive texts. This is easier than you think as the internet is peppered with some great websites with love sayings and suggestions that will have you and your boyfriend laughing and excited at the same time. If time is a constraint for you then spend an hour a week (or so) getting a few funny texts that you can then text drip to your boyfriend over the rest of the week or month. Alternatively you can follow a few people on Twitter whose tweets are funny and suggestive and you can then text those that you think will work for you on to your boyfriend. This is a fresh way to use text messages to excite your boyfriend.

IV. Let him be part of your random fantasies about him. You love your boyfriend and so you will have random fantasies about him at the most unlikely time of the day. Let him know what those fantasies are. The depth of what you text to your boyfriend will of course depend on the depth of your relationship and what you are comfortable sharing.

The type of text messages you will send to your boyfriend will depend on who you are, the depth of your relationship and your boyfriend. You want to excite your boyfriend with your text messages and not to chase him away by their inappropriateness. So use your discretion, wisdom and intuition to guide you in using text messages to excite your boyfriend.

Source by Rosy Anderson

How to Use Text Messages to Excite Your Boyfriend
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