Paris Hilton - Where Does Her Money Come From?

Paris Hilton is a well known modern figure. You cannot open a Hollywood magazine or surf the internet without coming across the Name Paris Hilton. Yet, one may wonder why Paris Hilton is so famous since her modeling career has been as bad as her acting career and her singing debuts did not receive all the attention she was hoping for.

Paris Hilton was born rich from her mother’s marriage with one of the Hilton Hotel heirs. Her mother in marrying a rich businessman Richard Howard Hilton was simply applying what her own mother had repeated to her many times: “marry the rich and you will live happy!”

Paris Hilton is mostly known for her arrogance and the fact that she is the modern incarnation of constant partying and shopping, wasting money right and left for trivial fashion items.

Where does Paris Hilton’s money come from one might wonder? Many people will be shocked to realize that in fact a big part of Paris Hilton’s money has been the fruit of her own labor. In fact, labor might be too strong of a word here as most of Paris’ income she generated was from putting her well-known name to the use.

Paris Hilton has made many millions from her reality show “The simple life” she shared with Nicole Ritchie. Paris Hilton is also receiving generous amounts of royalty money from the sales of her fashion lines such as handbags, watches and jewels. Paris Hilton has also her own perfume line which brings her more money. Paris Hilton has also opened many night clubs, her way of living.

People can hire Paris Hilton to appear at their social gatherings for the nice sum of 150 000$. She is also getting royalties for two books written in her name.

Among other revenues, she is also said to be receiving 5% of the annual profits of the Hilton Hotels.

It is easy to conclude that Paris Hilton is an opportunist and that most of her money is made by lending her famous name to people who are doing all the hard work for her. Nevertheless, you have to admire her flare for business and her successful way of attracting money.

Source by Nathalie Fiset

Paris Hilton - Where Does Her Money Come From?
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