Poor, Depressed, And Economically Enslaved College Students - Professors Are Dumbfounded As To Why

Why are the suicide rates up for college graduates? Why don’t corporate employers value Bachelor’s Degrees, and why is a Master’s Degree no guarantee to a good high-paying job? Why are college graduates economically enslaved as they leave college and get out in the real world? Why are University students overwhelmingly depressed, hint: It isn’t because of the Donald Trump election victory?

Could it be a multitude of reasons, starting with their Smart Phones and social networks to their brain-washing education regiment? Let’s talk shall we?

There was a rather troubling article in the Activist Post titled; “Researchers Developing Smartphone Mental Health Surveillance App For University Students: ISee,” by Nicholas West published on January 13, 2017. The article stated:

“The objective of this study was to explore the detection of daily-life behavioral markers using mobile phone global positioning systems (GPS) and usage sensors, and their use in identifying depressive symptom severity.”

The rising growth of University Students depression is due to victimhood brain washing and unnatural leftist propaganda into the minds of formerly healthy students, plus the outrageous debt they are forced to endure so leftist professors can have huge unjustified salaries and incredible pensions at the systems expense. Thanks to grade inflation at our High Schools, Colleges and Universities, students have been led to believe they are special, smart, and the future. Sure, they might be the future, but they are hardly prepared for the real world.

Professors are busy protecting students from the outside, the real world, keeping them safe from negative comments, competition, right-leaning politics, racism, misogyny, homophobics, Islamiphobics, bigots, and anyone that disagrees with their professors. These professors who live in their academic echo chamber are also living in a bubble, one which is about to burst and now they are swinging at windmills. The professors are teaching their students how to shout down dissent in the name of being politically correct, as if that is going to help these kids, yes kids, once they graduate.

The combination of culture shock once the kids graduate, along with their social networks and smart phones is causing depression – and if that’s not enough, consider the incredible challenges of paying off their student debt and unlearning all that social justice warrior nonsense? What a nightmare we have, this isn’t good for anyone except the multi-billion dollar a year industry for anti-depression medicine.

At some point all of these students are going to have a rude awakening – drowning in debt – and no one wanting to hire anyone with their left-leaning jaded mindset. Their professors and universities, well their day of reckoning is coming too, as soon as all that outstanding college loan debt bubble bursts, and it will, delivering a huge crisis to higher-education. Please consider all this.

Source by Lance Winslow

Poor, Depressed, And Economically Enslaved College Students - Professors Are Dumbfounded As To Why
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