Which Discount Watch Stores Can You Trust With Your Money

We’ve all been there and we’ll undoubtedly be there again. Toying with the idea of buying a watch that’s been on the wish list for years, but the cost has made it an unrealistic prospect all this time.

I’d like to take you through the basic stages through desire, to ownership, of your dream Luxury Watch, but I’m going to get you there safely.

In my universe, there are 5 stages of transit before I can make an expensive purchase online.

Stage 1: Desire

Stage 2: Opposition: Affordability and Justification

Stage 3: Research

Stage 4: Discount Option

Stage 5: Take Action Safely = Ownership

Right from the get go let’s assume I’ve already decided to buy a Luxury Watch but have a worry about affordability. The desire has been present for as long as anyone can remember, but other responsibilities have always made sure spare cash or justification are absent.

This situation may or may not have changed but armed with more information a hardwired attitude and mindset may change. This could remove old objections, and allow someone to indulge in ones’ self-interest.

Stage 1. Accept The Desire To Own A Luxury Item

I’ve briefly touched on this in the previous paragraph and I’m not going to dwell on it, but it’s important to understand this desire is perfectly acceptable. The only thing needed now is to embrace the truth and start dealing with those feelings and face any oppositions.

Stage 2. Opposition: Affordability and Justification

This is a complex mesh that’s been built up over a lifetime. It’s something that’s part of the individuals’ environment, their interaction with friends, family, and colleagues. It’s been a steadying force in daily life, a protection from making mistakes. Basically, it’s what we call ‘being careful’.

Responsibilities in our lives, whether it’s Children, Parents or other Family members, makes it difficult to justify spending so much money on oneself when there are so many other things to spend it on. Does this sound familiar?

Again, all this is totally normal and I know from my own experience. In my situation, I found the key to resolving this issue was ‘Affordability’ because I’d been telling myself I didn’t deserve to spend all this money on myself. As soon as I got past the affordability issue I soon realized I was just as deserving as anyone else. That immediately gave me my justification. Simple right?

But how did I suddenly push through the affordability issue? This brings me to my next point.

Stage 3. Research – Do Your Homework Before Spending Your Cash

It’s that simple. I started running searches online and researching customer feedback from all sorts of online stores. I also started looking at the price and stock comparisons of online stores to get a feel for the product range. Then it was time to make contact with the stores to check out their customer service response times and communications.

As you can imagine there and many different levels of customer service and customer satisfaction, but I learned quickly to read between the lines when it came to customer feedback. To break it down into a bite-size morsel, I would sum up by saying you can’t please everyone all of the time.

The best way to approach customer feedback is to understand that some people will always complain about something, and conversely, some people never complain. In short, you can never take a poor rating at face value, but you should always read the review to understand why the customer was unhappy.

In some cases, customers would leave a poor review because of a late delivery, which is the responsibility of the courier rather than the online store. But of course, the reasons vary and you need to look past the star rating.

My personal view is a 100% perfect feedback rings the same alarm bells as low-quality feedback. So always, read, read, read the feedback.

Stage 4. Discount Option

After exhaustive research, I knew it was possible to buy an expensive Luxury Watch from an online discount watch store at a knockdown price. I also knew there were many online stores to choose from and the results from their customer feedback varied a lot.

More importantly, I’d gone through a painful time researching these stores and I realized there was no centralized resource dedicated to online watch store reviews. It’s true, there are review sites but they all seemed to be focus on very expensive high-end watches that even with discounts, were too expensive to consider.

Stage 5. Take Action Safely = Ownership

This is where I have some good news for you. Because of my experience looking for Luxury Watch that I found affordable, I have created a resource to help others navigate the rough waters of online watch shopping.

It’s my hope this resource will help people like me, looking for guidance about where to look for the best products, at the best price, and to do it safely with a trusted store.

That’s why I have created a ‘Best of List’ and added my own star rating based on customer feedback. I hope people can use the resource and leave comments and messages for others to see, making it a stronger and stronger recourse as time goes by.

Source by Carl Scutt

Which Discount Watch Stores Can You Trust With Your Money
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