Effective Ways to Overcome Retrenchment

Retrenchment is an everyday occurrence especially in today`s current economic climate. Its not something that only happens to people you know – NO – it can happen to you too. Have you ever sat down and thought what would happen to you or your family should you loose your JOB or income?Do you have a plan “B” in action? and how will you overcome something like that.

Well it happened to me and i was not prepared for it but i found a way to overcome it – I SURVIVED – and i can show you how.

First Reaction

All i can say is ” SHOCK ” is the first reaction and there is no other simpler way of putting it when all that you have worked for, and all the long hours at the office is taken away. You can not help but feel like a failure and letting your family know is no easy task.Believe me it took me two days to break the news to my wife.

Luckily the shock does not last for to long.

Think Clearly

Now that the first reaction of shock is over and reality has set it, it is time to think clearly about what to do next. Remember that your time is yours now so take a week or two to look at your situation. Look at where you were before, where you were heading and where you would like to see your self. Be bold and think outside of the box you will be surprised at what you come up with.

At first i was scared but once i looked outside the BOX i found my solution.

Out The Box

For years you worked and lived in a box moulded by your career and income. Now that you are retrenched you can break free of that mould and kick down those walls.It sounds and feels strange but the reality is that you are now free, free to make your own choices free to live your life without any boundaries. This is the time to be creative so put your thinking cap on and think beyond those walls and boundaries.The best would be to take a pen and paper and start writing down your thoughts, break it up into the past and future , each with positive and negatives. WOW crazy! the past has more negatives and the future has more positives.

Well i was amazed too but i used that info to improve my life.

Out with the Old and in with the New

Most people don`t like change in their lives and that`s ok, but now that you are retrenched you are forced to make changes. The question is ” are you willing to change ” for me it was easy. YES I was. Looking at your list of positives and negatives you wrote down earlier ask your self would you go back to your old career with all the walls and boundaries things like alarm clocks, traffic, long working hours and time away from your family or are you willing to follow your new found freedom with all the positives, no alarm clocks, no traffic, less working hours and more time with your family to name but a few.

GREAT!I also went for my new found freedom but wait! How does freedom pay the bills?

Paying the Bills

How can your freedom pay your bills?, well it can and i will show you shortly, but first things first. Think back to your previous income and what it took to receive it. It took long hours at the office, lots of stress and precious time away from loved ones. What you received was an income that just covered the expenses and nothing more. What freedom gives you is the opportunity to use your time more effectively. By applying time leverage you can now plan your life the way you want it. You can effectively work less hours for more money, spend more time with loved ones while earning an income and travel when ever you feel like it.

You may ask ” is this possible?” The answer is YES and i will now let you in on the secret that changed my life.

The Secret

The secret is a unique business platform i found while looking for answers and opportunities, just like you are doing now. By now you know that i was retrenched and that`s no secret, i had no plan “B”, it was in the middle of the recession and there were no available jobs. I thought of starting a business but a franchise would cost to much and the banks would not give me a loan. The future looked bleak, but it all changed when i found this Business Platform that made sense from the word go. The platform educated me on time leverage and gave me the opportunity to generate more than one stream of income while enjoying my freedom. I can now live my life the way i want it.

It can do the same for you.


In conclusion to all the above one can safely say that you are retrenched, but that does not mean total melt down. There are effective ways to overcome retrenchment and job loss and you do have choices, but it all depends on how you will use and leverage your choices. Each persons needs are different and only you will know what your needs are and what the solution will be, but the approach to the solution is always the same. I have shared and shown you some pointers and they are only the basic ones, but if you apply them things will start making sense. Take a look at where you were then “in a box “, what you doing now “leverage freedom”, and where you are heading “being free, and living your life” and base your choice on that. That in a nut shell is what i did, i did not want my old job back, i used my new found freedom to educate myself in time leverage and now i am living my life outside the box and enjoying the benefits and profits: working less hours, spending time with my family, earning much more money, and having time time to enjoy my profits.

The choice i made was to follow and apply the step by step guidance of this Unique Business Platform as laid out by its very successful founders and members.

If you make the right choice you TOO can enjoy the benefits and profits that this Business Platform has to offer.

Source by Jacques Woudberg

Effective Ways to Overcome Retrenchment
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