Melaleuca Truth Finally Revealed

Although this is an updated and concise review on the famed Melaleuca Truth tales, I will offer you only the facts based on an extensive research done. There will be many who will try to defend this case but I sit on the fence as a neutral agent of the melaleuca truth.

There will be 3 parts presented to you and for our convenience sake, will be numbered. As an appreciation for reading this article please refer to my closing and personal opinion as a wrap up summary. Let’s begin.

1) The Roots

As a track back in the melaleuca truth, we begin in 1985 when the company was ‘revived’ and taken over by a man named Frank L. VanderSloot. He dissolved the previous company and gave it a premium ‘make-over’.

Today, as you know melaleuca became a network marketing plan where independent representatives were no longer required. Pretty soon, this company became very profitable and the melaleuca truth behind all it’s sales was via consumer direct marketing or enrollment based compensation plans.

2) The Products and Compensation

Say, you decide to join as a distributor. The range of products you will be selling are health related. Hence, you know that the ‘tea tree oil’ stems from this plant and Frank even went the extra mile to get this product approved by the FDA.

The actual melaleuca truth rides on the fact that these products you can sell has a certain fixed strategy to marketing successfully. You are encouraged to think that the most effective way is through the word of mouth advertising.

We commonly identify this as ‘offline marketing’ today. Your commissions on signing up a new distributor is your best bet at earning hundreds or thousands of dollars per month.

3) The Whole Melaleuca Truth

Here is an exact illustration of a real distributor experience. I share this with you because you deserve to know the real melaleuca truth in its dealings with people like us.

You sign up and wait for your few small “economy” sized bottles of products plus a bonus mini bottle of laundry liquid detergent. Then, you will soon find out in the package that your box of ‘goodies’ was actually stuffed with plastic blown up pillows to fill the big box.

This is indeed an illusion for you to think like you received a gold mine of things. Discovering the melaleuca truth ordeal sets you back at $93. Heck, even only a tiny bottle of toner and few other tiny bottles of moisturizer costs $30.

Go to the local pharmacy and you get a supply for a whole year with better brands.

You could do better without storing any products and selling digital products online today. The information age has begun and people deny the whole melaleuca truth just to cloud the “newcomers” judgements. My advice is that you might have a better chance in financial freedom with another Internet direct marketing company.

Source by Vern How Chan

Melaleuca Truth Finally Revealed
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