Top 10 Free Web Analytics Tools

Analytics tools are essential for websites to design reports and feedback on detailed customer visits. These tools provide information on the how customer has been engaging on the net. Many of these tools and applications are easily understood and others have special features or add-ons built into them. In this article, we have discussed the top 10 freely available web analytics tools.

FireStats: It is a web analytic tool which is written in PHP/MySQL and is easy, simple, and straightforward. Firestats is a very versatile tool which can supports various platforms or browsers. It can also be used to create custom applications or publish platform components based on the customer data.

Yahoo! Web Analytics: The software solutions for the analytics with full features, flexible dashboard, segmentation tools, and powerful campaign management features are the main reasons that distinguish yahoo web analytics from others. It helps the designers to develop and design campaigns with excellent alignments with the audience. Through this software you can also access demographics based on visitor profiles.

Woopra: Web analytics software, Woopra has been developed completely in Java. This software has two major components, a desktop application and a web service. It has a robust user interface, an intuitive system, and a chat feature.

GoingUp: GoingUp is analytics software that can be used to get combined statistical information of both site visitors and customers. It is a handy tool and an innovative solution for generating site stats on URLs, creating site traffic reports and incoming site customer’s behavior. It also provides a custom track for sales-downloads and other important data on site visits. It comes up as a healthy guide for search engine traffic, conversions, and provides a strategic outlook of the site.

MochiBot: MochiBot is a very effective tool for keeping track of flash games and animations and for analyzing effectiveness of flash marketing campaigns. It has many functions and capabilities like the tracking of content, and piracy and theft monitoring. More importantly it tracks viral nature of content and whether content has value or worth.

Snoop: It is a desktop application which runs on both Windows and Macintosh. The software is a great tool that helps in providing necessary details and display it on an information status bar and on an system tray icon with audible sounds for indicating any development. It has a function to tag the visitors for easy identification. It also has a real time application and name tag creation.

JAWStats: It is a free and open source software application for generating website stats and applications. These stats and applications are generally produced further in form of graphs, tables and charts of website visitors and customers. It is an added platform to reduce the overheads with increased buffer for security for Aw Stats.

Grape Web Statistics: It is an open source application which can be used for keeping track of the visitors to the website. It has an easy, clean, and usable interface for customizing installation. The software uses PHP for backend.

Piwik: It is an open source developed software application that uses PHP and My SQL. It is extendible and customizable and enjoys a large library of custom plugin. It is a real time application with detailed reports on visitors and customer clicks. It has an easy to use interface and carries GPL license.

Reinvigorate: This tool prepares and presents the website statistics on customer clicks and visitors to the site. The software analyzes and reports anything different that is happening on the website and thus is a great tool for web security purposes also.

Conclusion: Web analytics software and tools for tracking effective visitor visits and clicks on site, are freely available on the internet. In this article, we have discussed the top 10 freely available web analytics tools. Readers are invited to submit their comments and views.

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Top 10 Free Web Analytics Tools
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