Too Many Opinions on the Internet

I mean I love that the internet has given people the opportunity to voice their opinions and address issues, I mean the real issues going on in the world. I love the fact that people have the opportunity to compare products without leaving their houses, I love the fact that people can share opinions through mediums like Twitter, Facebook, Blogs, YouTube etc.

There’s a lot of don’t do this and don’t do that. I don’t believe there is the right way to do anything, that’s the reason why every entrepreneur has a different journey and a different destination but as funny as it sounds they all end up making mistakes, and I mean these guys have probably read almost 8 biographies of their mentors, self help books, personal development and other “useful” books, not to mention seminars and conferences, so why does it happen? why do people still make mistakes? The simple truth is, an entrepreneur has his/her own unique idea and will put that idea into action in a way that has never been done before.

Planning is good, A business should always have a plan, but I mean planning as you go along is essential. I hear people say I will figure it out on the way. I think most of that sentence is true, but you have to plan before you start, but be flexible as your plan can change.

A major threat to every entrepreneur is negative people. Why do you have to be so negative? Really you’re at the other end of the screen doing nothing or probably won’t do anything with your life, so why not applause, encourage people.

I find in the UK that entrepreneurial success is not embraced but instead shut out, which is not fair. I feel everyone going out of their comfort zone to make the world a better place or simply to make use of their hidden potential should be applauded.

Negativity is the new positive. I mean people get paid to be negative. Journalists spend most of their life on earth looking at the negative parts of people’s life. I mean it is cool to look at people and correct their wrong doings but not simply crucify them.

I simply say if your criticism is not constructive, then look within yourself because I think it is jealousy.

Source by Joseph Ajilore

Too Many Opinions on the Internet
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