5 Must-Follow Content Marketing Trends for Brands

High quality, relevant and shareable in nature- Content that contains these three attributes will definitely hog the limelight irrespective of the platform in which it is being published. With the advent of new-age marketing tools, content representation has undergone a sea change. The traditional way of building content is slowly fading away. And, these days, it is crisp, precise, well-trimmed and stylish content that is ruling the roost. For brands, to build user engagement and loyalty, content happens to be the magic wand. Here are some of the 5 must-to-follow content marketing trends that ought to be followed by brands.

  1. User generated content

According to the latest findings, 70% of the customers prefer to read user-generated content rather than glancing through a generic piece of information. The world of internet isn’t deprived of generic content. Indeed, it is flooded with generic content. The need of the hour is well-built and highly informative user generated content. This doesn’t refer to the process of brands building content to market its product or service. It’s the other way around. User-generated content refers to authentic reviews, blog posts, recommendations, and comments. This process involves businesses requesting its customers to share their experience post the indulgence with the brand’s service offerings. Imagine how wonderful is it to witness your target audience as your brand ambassadors or as your marketers. Readers or prospective customers trust the comments or reviews posted by real people who have experienced the product or service.

  1. Going interactive in communication

Storytelling is the best way to engage with your prospects. Interactive communication is what that builds a meaningful and sensible relationship with the brand. Moreover, storytelling creates an emotional and social impact in the minds of customers. The core elements of any interactive communication comprise of emotion building, powerful message and morale. Time and again, statistics have reiterated the potential of interactive communication. Off late having realized the potential, many brands have incorporated interactive storytelling to its digital communication arsenal. Brands that have utilized the power of interactive communication have succeeded in building a deeper connection with its target audience. Now, it’s high time for your brand to establish deeper engagement with the target audience through interactive story telling.

  1. Tapping Influencers

According to experts, content marketing which is aptly supplemented through influencer marketing is going to become a great hit in the years to come. A study performed by one of the leading business consulting firm brings to light the fact that, brands capitalizing the power of business ambassadors witnessed high retention rate.

Social media is considered to be the best avenue to establish contact with influencers belonging to the same interest group. Indeed, the same platform can be utilized to promote and share the word what influencers has to say about your brand. Capitalizing social media, conducting live events, and using blog are some of the tools to promote your brand influencers. Brands can attract the attention of the target audience through influencers. Hence, content marketing strategy has to be evolved accordingly.

  1. Live Streaming

Though the concept of live streaming hasn’t gathered much momentum, according to industry experts, it is going to be the next big thing. Even, Facebook has incorporated live streaming feature in its network. Live streaming goes a long way in building a massive audience. Brands can showcase product launch events through live streaming. Perhaps, it is a wonderful way to promote the product. Live streaming has the potential to stir a sense of urgency thus resulting in user engagement. Indeed, it also commands social media buzz instantly. Through live streaming, brands can demonstrate its admiration for the target audience and the extent to which it values them.

  1. Mobile Content

Mobile content marketing is the latest phenomenon among marketers. Given the fact that major proportion of the content is viewed and shared through smartphones, new-age marketers should not underestimate the potential of mobile content marketing. Mobile-friendly websites are the need of the hour. The challenge is to build content that pretty much suits the mobile users. Options are aplenty.

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5 Must-Follow Content Marketing Trends for Brands
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