Auto Insurance - Can You Get a Free Insurance Quote Online Without Giving Out Personal Information?

These days it seems possible to get a auto insurance quote online without having to hand out and personal information. People are often wary of providing confidential information online and insurance companies seem to have realized it. For this reason, companies have made changes when it comes to the information required in order to provide a quote. While you will receive a more accurate quote by give more information, it is possible that you can keep your information to yourself and get a general idea of what the rate will be for the plan that you need.

If a company insists on obtaining more of your information before they provide a quote, you can always move to another company. However, if you do find a legitimate company who provides quotes without requiring lots of information, then you may want give more information in order to receive a more accurate insurance quote. Some of the pertinent information that you might have to give is your age and the make, year and model of the vehicle you are wanting to insure. Your driving recent history and claims are information that may also be relevant when getting a quote. The insurance company will also require information on recent driving citations that you have been given in the past few years.

Marital status is something else that will affect your auto insurance rate, as is your credit report. Your rate may be affected by the city you live in if there is a theft rate that is higher than the national average. The type of work you do can affect your rate as well. It might reduce your premium if yours is relatively safe profession.

All things considered, even though you will be able to get an auto insurance quote from the internet without providing too much in the way of personal details, it isn’t necessarily the smartest move. This can be especially true if you are seeking to find the lowest possible auto insurance rates. It is nearly impossible to get the lowest price quote without such details about the type of car, who will be driving, where you live, and other details that the company may ask for.

An example of this type of discount would be getting a percentage off your insurance rate for having completed a driver training course, or if your teenager completes such a course. If you don’t share that information with the insurance company, you’ll be paying a lot more than you otherwise would for the same coverage. The same concept is applied to providing the company with the driving records of everyone who will be driving the vehicle. Of course, the insurance premiums will be higher with someone who has a poor driving record than with someone whose record is spotless.

You can see that it is your best bet to give the auto insurance company any pertinent information that they require and providing personal details will help ensure you get the cheapest, most accurate quote available to you.

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Auto Insurance - Can You Get a Free Insurance Quote Online Without Giving Out Personal Information?
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