How to Get Over Someone You Love When You See Them Everyday

Break ups are never easy. The desire to lock yourself away, hiding from ever seeing them again can seem like an overwhelmingly good idea.

But, if this isn’t possible, what are realistic solutions of how to get over someone you love when you see them everyday?

It’s Hard to Move On…

The emotional pain attached to seeing the one you used to love going about their lives as if nothing has affected them, appearing to be moving on more easily than you feel you can is devastating inside.

That person has attached to them not only the past experiences you mutually shared; the time you invested in the relationship but also your hopes and dreams for a future together.

You may have mutual friends, a family or a work situation which makes it impossible to avoid seeing each other regularly.

Preparing yourself for how to get over someone you love when you see them everyday can give you that little bit of extra strength to make coping with the meets less painful, and allow you to move forward and heal with ease.

It may take time, but learning healthy recovery techniques now will also benefit you in the future relationships- whether this is with partners or friendship break ups.

Making Sure It’s Completely Over.

While it’s perfectly normal to have a mind racing full of memories, unanswered questions from the relationship and circumstance of the break up, if these are causing you great emotional pain or distress when running in to the partner, of making it hard to move on, it’s time to take action.

Prepare yourself mentally by ensuring that the relationship is absolutely final- and completely over.

Remind yourself of this- there is no chance of returning to the situation. Make sure there is no reason for the breakup to linger on, for example, give back those CD’s they loaned you, the favourite shirt, the text book.

As harsh and clinical as it may seem to remain pragmatic rather than mope in the ending, it’s the best way how to get over someone you love when you see them everyday.

De-attach Yourself from the Memories

It can be difficult to ever relive the memories you’ve shared together without feelings of hurt and sadness, and this is especially true in the short to medium term after you’ve separated.

To begin to move on and detach emotionally from the break-up, if the memories begin to replay, try distraction techniques.

Likewise, if the previous partner tries to draw you into verbally reliving experiences of the past, bring the conversation to a friendly, but polite end.

This is key in how to get over someone you love who you see everyday These discussions can create not only false hope that a relationship may be salvaged, but create a further pain from further internal questioning of the past.

The relationship is over, and until things feel easier and you’ve both completely moved on, it’s best to leave those memories there too.

But Keep Things Civil

Retain your self respect. The goal in how to get over someone you love when you see them everyday is to look toward building a healthy recovery rather than a toxic one and look to creating a future level of normal.

So when you do meet your previous partner, as hard and heart-breaking as it can be, try to treat them as someone you used to know, rather than an enemy or shunning them.

A warm smile, a handshake, and polite but informal conversation which doesn’t bring the past will help to move towards your ex becoming someone you used to know, than someone who brings you emotional pain. With time, remember, this will happen.

Source by Alex J. Stevenson

How to Get Over Someone You Love When You See Them Everyday
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