How To Give Your Woman The Best Sex Ever In 5 Easy Steps (Essential Reading For Every Man)

Giving your woman the best sex ever is actually remarkably easy. The reason why is say this is because most guys set the bar incredibly low in the bedroom. In other words — most guys just plain suck when it comes to SEXUALLY SATISFYING women. With that in mind, it’s unlikely that any man has ever given your woman incredibly good sex. Most men are poor in bed because they haven’t bothered to ‘sexually educate’ themselves. However, since you are reading this — you’re about to get a sex education that 80% of men will never have.

So pay attention and please read on carefully as I show you…

A 5 Step Process For Giving Your Woman The Best Sex Ever

1. Be The Man

Now, what do I mean when I say ‘Be The Man’?

Well, when I say that you should ‘Be The Man’ in the bedroom, I mean that you should be IN CONTROL. You shouldn’t expect your woman to be in control in the bedroom because that’s not her natural role. In matters of sex, your woman’s natural role is to be submissive. Therefore, you must BE THE MAN and be in control. (Most men screw this up because they don’t dare to be in control).

2. Use Your Sexual Creativity

The sad reality for most couples is that their sex-lives get more and more boring the longer they stay together. Obviously, if you want to give your woman the best sex ever — it must not be boring. The way to keep having interesting sex night after night is to turn on your SEXUAL CREATIVITY and try new things on a regular basis. Do not do continuously do the same things because sooner or later — your woman will get bored in the bedroom.

3. Open Your Mouth And Make Some Noise

To give your woman the best sex ever, you must make some noise. When you are giving her ORAL SEX — let her hear how much you are enjoying it. And when you don’t have your ‘mouth full’, TALK DIRTY. Talking dirty will rapidly skyrocket your woman’s sexual pleasure and your ability to ‘get her off’.

4. Give Her Naughty Sex

The best sex ever has to be NAUGHTY because every woman wants her man to make her ‘get naughty’ in the bedroom. Dirty talk is one way to make the sex naughty. Doing it somewhere risky is another. Leaving her knickers on also makes the sex naughty.

How about slapping her ass?

Or grabbing her hair as you do her from behind?

You get the idea.

5. Give Her Vaginal Orgasms

This is the most important thing you must do to give your woman the best sex ever. If you want to make her shake uncontrollably as she screams your name and has the most powerful orgasms of her life (orgasms that make sure she’ll never get bored of the sex) — you have to give her VAGINAL ORGASMS. There is no other option.

Source by Adam A Armstrong

How To Give Your Woman The Best Sex Ever In 5 Easy Steps (Essential Reading For Every Man)
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