How to Give a Woman a Powerful Orgasm Without Touching Her in Any Way!

Women can have tremendous orgasms without any touching – including their own! That’s the powerful secret that men, and women, should know and utilize TODAY!

Many sexual researchers and physiologists have remarked that the largest sex organ is actually the human brain. If you harness the brain correctly, you are off to the sexual races.

Giving women this tremendous pleasure can be done in person, on the phone, or via email, chat, twitter, or who knows what. I have personal knowledge that it works in many ways.

In the four decades that I’ve researched and tried many techniques, I’ve probably interviewed over 12,000 women. Most of that was over the internet on IRC, chat, or emails.

I found that very few women had regular orgasms and those that did had only the clitoral orgasm. Most either didn’t know about the g-spot or the epicenter or didn’t know how to successfully access orgasms through those spots.

I found that if women were in the right mood, relaxed, respected, and adored…they could literally come up with amazing results! Researchers have determined that many women take about 72 hours to get in the proper mood for love making. A smart man would take the time to do that!

Assuming the woman was IN THE MOOD, and there’s many ways to help the woman along in that direction, then the man can achieve some powerful things without touch of any kind.

The first step in giving your lady the biggest thrill of her life is to get to her head first through reliving her fantasies. Once you get to her head, her body surely follows. Ask her what her biggest sexual fantasy is. Ask her why this is her fantasy. Has she lived any of her fantasy? What happened?

At this point her skin should be flushed and her heart will be beating faster. Her nostrils will be flaring and her breathing will be increased. You’ll notice that her face will be flushed.

I once met a woman and she asked me to explain, in detail, what I would do to her. So I did. I started from her mouth and went “south.” I told her in detail how I’d kiss her, play with her tongue with mine, and then work on her neck more. I spent some time telling her how I’d tease, suck, lick, and gently chew her breats and nipples. About that time I noticed the car started to shake and I looked around and noticed she was convulsing, from head to toe. She had a powerful orgasm and excused herself as she was quite embarrassed. I told her it was great.

Then I told her what I’d do in the lower regions and she came again! Even more powerfully, now that she was really IN THE MOOD!

I’ve also accomplished the same thing, supposedly as I wasn’t there, by simply instant messaging a woman. She told me she had pulled the internet plug out of the wall with her foot, she came so hard. I had to reconnect with her and that’s exactly what she told me as the reason for leaving.

I basically told her, via messaging, the same thing I told the other woman. Her powerful imagination did the rest. She stated emphatically that she didn’t touch herself. She was typing with both hands.

Well, enjoy and come back again for more exciting adventures!

Source by Zeke Evans

How to Give a Woman a Powerful Orgasm Without Touching Her in Any Way!
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