5 Gun Myths - Disspelling Popular Gun Myths

Over the years, many myths have circulated about the world of guns. Some based on small amounts of truth. Some born of fear and a lack of knowledge.

While some of these myths are just old wives tales that have been around forever. Most, I believe, come from mis-information spread by the internet, the press, people with political agendas and the biggest perpetrator of fantasy, Hollywood.

Just think about all you know about how to survive a zombie apocalypse. You can probably tell me half a dozen ways to kill a vampire. Everyone knows the only way to kill a werewolf. The only one true fact that matters is.. They don’t exist!

In an effort to correct some of this misinformation, I have compiled a list of the top 10 myths that I hear on a regular basis. They are:

1 – Assault Weapons

This is just a name. A rock is an assault weapon. Should we ban rocks? This one is a political agenda issue. Most people believe “assault rifles” are machine guns. They don’t know the difference between semi-automatic and fully automatic. Full automatic are machine guns. They are and should be regulated more strictly. That scary looking semi-automatic is not functionally any different than that cute little revolver.

2- Things Exploding when Shot

We have all seen the movie where the good guy whips out his pistol, fires a round at the bad guy’s car and it blows up, right? Not likely. Cars seem to blow up all the time on the screen. Hit a tree, boom. Roll it in a ditch, boom. Shoot it, boom. Normal bullets are a little chunk of metal, not an explosive. If throwing a little piece of metal will blow up your car, maybe you should look for another car.

3 – Gun Show Loophole and Internet Purchasing Sidestep Background Checks

All sales, in the United States, at gun shows or off the internet must go through a FFL licensed dealer and background checks are required. No exceptions. It’s been this way for years.

4 – Gun Free Zones

Where to start? That “Gun Free” sign has never stopped a criminal. Almost all mass shootings have occurred in gun free zones. It just guarantees there won’t be any good guys with guns, how handy? Private companies have the right to post a gun free zone. You need to check your own local laws, but a private party posting a sign does not make it law, just their policy. A legal, concealed permit holder can be asked to leave, but not arrested for violating that policy.

5 – Silencers

Thanks to Hollywood everyone seems to think a silencer will make a gun whisper quiet. Not true. Depending on the ammo used a silencer will muffle the sound. Subsonic rounds, those traveling under 1100 ft/sec will be quieted by about half. Rounds traveling over 1100 ft/sec will still experience the sonic boom as they break the sound barrier. Quieter, but still loud. You still know a gun went off.

Hopefully I have shed some light on these common misconceptions. I urge you to check facts out for yourself. Almost anything is available on the web. Experts on every topic are available. Just do some checking and make sure you know the truth so we don’t promote any more myths than we have to.

Be safe

Source by Bob Sellars

5 Gun Myths - Disspelling Popular Gun Myths
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