How to Make Your Ex Boyfriend Regret Dumping You?

Your ex boyfriend just recently left you, and you are in deep pain. There are no words to describe the pain you are going through, and you feel like the king of chopped liver. You are rejected, and you simply can’t get over the fact that he simply left you! You are perfect for him, and he for you. The breakup was a total mistake. How can you make him realize this and make your ex boyfriend regret dumping you?

How can you make him realize this? Of course, this doesn’t seem as easy as it sounds, because he won’t talk to you. However, you can do it with some thinking. You know what his emotional buttons are-what turns him on emotionally and off-simply because you have had experience with him. This is your biggest advantage.

He dumped you for good, but wasn’t he the one that fell in love with you? You must make him understand that he is losing the girl of his dreams. The way to do this is simply to remind him. How you should do so is by improving yourself and molding yourself into a woman with all the things he likes.

Of course, your friends are telling you that the only way to make your ex boyfriend regret dumping you is by making him jealous. Most people suggest that you hit on his best friend, get laid, et cetera. However, that never works-it will only make him hate you all the more. What you should do is to get into shape. Work out a bit at the gym and lose some of that extra fat. It will make you look hotter and build your confidence, ultimately attracting your ex back.

Join an exercise club and take up a vigorous work out plan. This will help convey the message that you aren’t simply waiting for him to call you, and that you are moving on. The girl he left was all needy and desperate for love, yet this woman you are now is a hot, confident woman that is filled with strength.

By showing your ex that you can not only survive getting dumped but also smile and be confident about yourself will make him have second thoughts. He will realize that you are indeed perfect for him, and you will make your ex boyfriend regret dumping you.

Source by Ilona Benes

How to Make Your Ex Boyfriend Regret Dumping You?
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