Self-Advancement Is the Positive Terminology That Takes on an Entirely New Release of Energy

Self-improvement implies that there is something wrong with you and that you need to improve in a select area of your life-style or chosen mode of living. I disagree with the term that self-improvement implies and I’m prepared to tell you why!

Why, because you are unique and have your own circumstances and your own hurdles and challenges unseen or maybe unscratched to the surface. So everyone has a purpose or a voice that needs to be heard, or at least to be acknowledged as part of their truth. Philosophy aside; it is always wise NOT TO label something incorrectly, but to assemble a plan of action to bring out the root cause of your need for change or to alter your way of thinking. That in a nutshell is my way of processing when a recommended or new way of thinking needs to be given attention, hence calling it improvement is simply incomplete and too broad a label for me to accept as a label given to anybody who seeks to gain more knowledge than what they had before.

Call it self-advancement instead of improvement and watch the positive terminology take on an entirely new and uplifting release of energy. The renewed way that you speak to yourself is something that you will most likely respond to more positively than you how you responded to correction. Assessing of yourself and your current habits, traits or life accomplishments is something that should be internal.

Life is a very clear shade of gray and not all black and white. Nobody should accept being placed in a compartment, unless for aesthetic purpose or when speaking about the interior of a car, as very distinct and completely opposite, which is not how human beings were made to be perceived.

I enjoy learning from you and from others offering me knowledge continuously!

Source by Lorie Ann Jermoune

Self-Advancement Is the Positive Terminology That Takes on an Entirely New Release of Energy
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