Self-Attuning or Self-Atonement - If Met With Great Effort Ignites Measurable Accomplishments

Self-Attuning or self-atonement- if met with great effort ignites measurable accomplishments.

Self-attuning or self-atonement is a great way of self-analyzing what efforts or practices will begin to grant you better outcomes than what your habits awarded you before renewed actions and outlook took form. Simply imagine yourself as a specimen that needs to be examined. Be gentle, thorough and understanding, though also be analytical. Desire the best for yourself, to fulfill your wish to see yourself advance, even before you have made a plan for reaching an accomplishment. Start with an intention and let it grow wings to guide you until you achieve your destiny or life purpose.

Yep, there’s a new year on the horizon, and with that said, it is a time for self-analysis and perhaps even renewed self-confidence! Why do you ask is self listed so many times? I’ll tell you why: the only one in life that you can control is yourself! If you want to advance, then start by increasing your field of awareness. Reading, researching and networking with people and events that can ALL help you to reach your desired destiny. Make sense? Not yet? Let me further elaborate… If you make a timeline of what you were doing around this same time last year, against your advancement how would you measure? DID, you add new actions, amend or renew anything? Did you include something that differed from your daily habits? How does last year compare for you to against measurable advance this year?

Well then, now you know that effort is required to start self-advancement shortly after,or even before the new year on the calendar… The new year is a time for more structure of time, energy and action. It can definitely land you closer to where you want to be around this same time next year! Also, let’s be clear, a new year is another year that you and me are alive, We should thrive and appreciate that we are prosperously and productively alive. We were made to shine and serve as living, loving examples to those who died and left us behind. We miss everyone who left us in 2016 and even before this year ends, let’s intend to live life like there’s no tomorrow! Albeit in a positive sense, live life with passion!

Advance the flames that came to you when thoughts of success first began to brew! Success was formed out of the mess, madness or chaos, now you can choose to fuel with increased action, turned into passionate structure, organization and finally accomplishment!

I enjoy learning from you and from others offering me knowledge continuously!

Source by Lorie Ann Jermoune

Self-Attuning or Self-Atonement - If Met With Great Effort Ignites Measurable Accomplishments
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